Characterization of the Atmospheric Muon Flux in IceCube

  title={Characterization of the Atmospheric Muon Flux in IceCube},
  author={IceCube Collaboration M.G. Aartsen and K. Abraham and Markus Ackermann and James H. Adams and J. A. Aguilar and Markus Ahlers and Mike Ahrens and David Altmann and Tyler Brooks Anderson and M. Archinger and C. Arguelles and T. C. Arlen and Jan Auffenberg and Xiaohong Bai and S. W. Barwick and Volker Baum and R. C. Bay and J. J. Beatty and Julia K. Becker Tjus and K. -H. Becker and E. Beiser and S Benzvi and Patrick Berghaus and David Berley and Elisa Bernardini and A Wolf Bernhard and D. Z. Besson and Gwendolyn Binder and Daniel Bindig and Martin Bissok and Erik Blaufuss and Julia von Blumenthal and D. J. Boersma and Christoph Bohm and Michel Borner and F. Bos and Deepak Bose and Sebastian Boser and Olga Botner and Juergen E. Braun and Lionel Brayeur and H. -P. Bretz and N. Buzinsky and J. Casey and Martin Casier and Edmond Cheung and Dmitry Chirkin and Asen Christov and B. Christy and Kendal Clark and Laura Cla{\ss}en and Stefan Coenders and D. F. Cowen and Angel H. 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  • IceCube Collaboration M.G. Aartsen, K. Abraham, +311 authors Marcel Zoll
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • Abstract Muons produced in atmospheric cosmic ray showers account for the by far dominant part of the event yield in large-volume underground particle detectors. The IceCube detector, with an instrumented volume of about a cubic kilometer, has the potential to conduct unique investigations on atmospheric muons by exploiting the large collection area and the possibility to track particles over a long distance. Through detailed reconstruction of energy deposition along the tracks, the… CONTINUE READING

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