Characterization of strip induced damage in ultra low-k dielectric

  title={Characterization of strip induced damage in ultra low-k dielectric},
  author={J. L. Tsai and Y. H. Su and R. Y. Huang and J. M. Chiou and J. H. Shieh and H. Y. Chu and J. J. Lee and C. Y. Ting and S. M. Jang and M. Liang},
  journal={ISSM 2005, IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 2005.},
STEM-EDS analysis on the sidewall surface of ultra low-k dielectric (ULK), a CVD SiOC type low-k dielectric (k /spl ap/ 2.5), has been performed to study the damage behavior of low-k material during strip. Carbon depletion was observed on the sidewall surface by plasma strip using N/sub 2//H/sub 2/, H/sub 2/, and O/sub 2/ chemistries in different ashers… CONTINUE READING