Characterization of sensory deficits in TrkB knockout mice.

  title={Characterization of sensory deficits in TrkB knockout mice.},
  author={Pablo P{\'e}rez-Pi{\~n}era and Olivia Garc{\'i}a-Su{\'a}rez and Antonino German{\`a} and Bel{\'e}n D{\'i}az-Esnal and F{\'e}lix de Carlos and Inmaculada Silos-Santiago and Miguel Enrique del Valle and J. Aedo Cobo and Jose A. Vega},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={433 1},
The sensory deficit in TrkB deficient mice was evaluated by counting the neuronal loss in lumbar dorsal root ganglia (DRG), the absence of sensory receptors (cutaneous--associated to the hairy and glabrous skin - muscular and articular), and the percentage and size of the neurocalcin-positive DRG neurons (a calcium-binding protein which labels proprioceptive and mechanoceptive neurons). Mice lacking TrkB lost 32% of neurons, corresponding to the intermediate-sized and neurocalcin-positive ones… CONTINUE READING
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