Characterization of sarcomeric myosin heavy chain genes.

  title={Characterization of sarcomeric myosin heavy chain genes.},
  author={Robert M. Wydro and Huong Thi My Nguyen and R M Gubits and Bernardo Nadal-Ginard},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={258 1},
Myosin heavy chain is encoded by a large multigene family. Using pMHC-25, a recombinant cDNA clone isolated from the rat myogenic cell line L6E9, four members of this family in the rat have been isolated and shown to be tissue-specific and developmentally regulated. The coding regions of these genes share regions of homology interspaced with regions of non-homology. Detailed analysis of one embryonic and one adult myosin heavy chain gene shows that the coding sequences are interrupted by… CONTINUE READING

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