Characterization of potyviruses from tulip and lily which cause flower-breaking.

  title={Characterization of potyviruses from tulip and lily which cause flower-breaking.},
  author={E. L. Dekker and Anton F. L. M. Derks and Cees J. Asjes and Michel Lemmers and John F. Bol and Simon A. Langeveld},
  journal={The Journal of general virology},
  volume={74 ( Pt 5)},
Five viruses causing colour-breaking of tulip flowers were isolated from tulips and lilies. Tulip-breaking virus (TBV), tulip top-breaking virus (TTBV), tulip band-breaking virus, Rembrandt tulip-breaking virus and lily mottle virus were all characterized as potyviruses by serology and potyvirus-specific PCR. Sequence analysis of amplified DNA fragments spanning a conserved area of the coat protein cistron of potyviruses was performed in order to classify the isolates as distinct viruses or… CONTINUE READING