Characterization of positronium properties in doped liquid scintillators

  title={Characterization of positronium properties in doped liquid scintillators},
  author={Giovanni Consolati and David Silva Franco and S. Poulsen Hans and Valentina Gentile and Andrea Gabrieli and Stefano Perasso and Alessandra Tonazzo and Yu Zhu Yang},
Orthopositronium (o-Ps) formation and decay can replace the annihilation process, when a positron interacts in liquid scintillator media. The delay induced by the positronium decay represents either a potential signature for antineutrino detection, via inverse β decay, or to identify and suppress positron background, as recently demonstrated by the Borexino experiment. The formation probability and decay time of o-Ps depend strongly on the surrounding material. In this paper, we characterize… CONTINUE READING

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