Characterization of poliovirus conformational alteration mediated by soluble cell receptors.

  title={Characterization of poliovirus conformational alteration mediated by soluble cell receptors.},
  author={Alicia G{\'o}mez Yafal and Gerardo Kaplan and Vincent R. Racaniello and James M. Hogle},
  volume={197 1},
Soluble extracts of Spodoptera frugiperda cells expressing the poliovirus receptor (PVR) induce the native poliovirus (PV) to "A" particle conformational change (J. Virol. 64, 4697-4702). We describe the variables that regulate this passage and study the suitability of solubilized PVR both for use as an in vitro system to characterize the receptor-mediated conformational alteration and for the production of large amounts of altered virus for structural analysis. PVR seems to function in a… CONTINUE READING

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Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series B, Physical and biological sciences • 2007

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