Characterization of pericentrin isoforms in vivo.

  title={Characterization of pericentrin isoforms in vivo.},
  author={Ko Miyoshi and Masato Asanuma and Ikuko Miyazaki and Shinsuke Matsuzaki and Masaya Tohyama and Norio Ogawa},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={351 3},
Pericentrin was first identified as a mouse centrosomal protein and is now referred to as pericentrin A. A larger homologous protein in humans with a C-terminal calmodulin-binding domain was later identified as pericentrin B. Pericentrin has been shown to be one of the key components in ciliogenesis, but in vivo pericentrin products have remained ambiguous. Here we characterized pericentrin isoforms in mice. Two pericentrin transcripts of 9.5 and 6.9 kb were recognized on the mouse tissue… CONTINUE READING

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