Characterization of osmotically induced filaments of Salmonella enterica.

  title={Characterization of osmotically induced filaments of Salmonella enterica.},
  author={Zachary L. Pratt and Bingming Chen and Charles J. Czuprynski and Amy C. Lee Wong and Charles W. Kaspar},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={78 18},
Salmonella enterica forms aseptate filaments with multiple nucleoids when cultured in hyperosmotic conditions. These osmotic-induced filaments are viable and form single colonies on agar plates even though they contain multiple genomes and have the potential to divide into multiple daughter cells. Introducing filaments that are formed during osmotic stress into culture conditions without additional humectants results in the formation of septa and their division into individual cells, which… CONTINUE READING