Characterization of mouse small intestinal cytochrome P450 expression.

  title={Characterization of mouse small intestinal cytochrome P450 expression.},
  author={Qingyu Zhang and Debbie Dunbar and L. Kaminsky},
  journal={Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals},
  volume={31 11},
The expression of biotransformation enzymes in mouse small intestine is poorly characterized, which limits the utility of transgenic or knockout mouse models for first-pass drug metabolism studies. In response, we have systematically examined the composition and inducibility of cytochrome P450 (P450) protein and mRNA in mouse small intestinal epithelial cells (enterocytes). RNA-PCR was conducted to confirm the expression and identity of CYP1A1, 1B1, 2B10, 2B19, 2B20, 2C29, 2C38, 2C40, 2E1, 3A11… CONTINUE READING