Characterization of mouse Dach2, a homologue of Drosophiladachshund

  title={Characterization of mouse Dach2, a homologue of Drosophiladachshund},
  author={Richard J. Davis and Weiping Shen and Yakov I. Sandler and Tiffany A Heanue and Graeme Mardon},
  journal={Mechanisms of Development},
The Drosophila genes eyeless, eyes absent, sine oculis and dachshund cooperate as components of a network to control retinal determination. Vertebrate homologues of these genes have been identified and implicated in the control of cell fate. We present the cloning and characterization of mouse Dach2, a homologue of dachshund. In situ hybridization studies demonstrate Dach2 expression in embryonic nervous tissues, sensory organs and limbs. This pattern is similar to mouse Dach1, suggesting a… CONTINUE READING
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