Characterization of milk fatty acids based on genetic and herd parameters.

  title={Characterization of milk fatty acids based on genetic and herd parameters.},
  author={Jeroen M L Heck and Hein J F van Valenberg and Henk Bovenhuis and Jan Dijkstra and Toon C M van Hooijdonk},
  journal={The Journal of dairy research},
  volume={79 1},
The objective of this study was to characterize the fatty acids (FA) in milk based on genetic and herd parameters to investigate the origin of the different FA in milk. Milk samples of 1912 Dutch Holstein-Friesian cows were analysed for 39 different FA including odd and branched-chain fatty acids. The proportion of variation caused by genetic and herd effects was calculated. In addition, genetic and herd correlations among the fatty… CONTINUE READING
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