Characterization of microstructured optical fibers for wideband dispersion compensation.

  title={Characterization of microstructured optical fibers for wideband dispersion compensation.},
  author={Federica Poli and Annamaria Cucinotta and Matteo Fuochi and Stefano Selleri and Luca Vincetti},
  journal={Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision},
  volume={20 10},
Microstructured optical fibers (MOFs) with small hole-to-hole spacing and large airholes are designed to compensate the anomalous dispersion and the dispersion slope of single-mode fibers. The geometrical parameters that characterize triangular MOFs are chosen to optimize the fiber length and the compensation over a wide wavelength range. A proper design of the photonic crystal fiber geometry allows us to achieve dispersion values of approximately -1700 ps nm(-1) km(-1) at 1550 nm and to… CONTINUE READING
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