Characterization of microorganisms isolated from lignite excavated from the Záhorie coal mine (southwestern Slovakia).

  title={Characterization of microorganisms isolated from lignite excavated from the Z{\'a}horie coal mine (southwestern Slovakia).},
  author={Richard Pokorn{\'y} and Petra Olejn{\'i}kov{\'a} and Miroslav Balog and Peter Zif{\vc}{\'a}k and Udo H{\"o}lker and Martina Janssen and Jutta Bend and Milan Hoefer and Rudolf Holiencin and Daniela Hudecov{\'a} and L'udov{\'i}t Vare{\vc}ka},
  journal={Research in microbiology},
  volume={156 9},
Microorganisms were isolated from lignite freshly excavated in the Záhorie coal mine (southwestern Slovakia) under conditions excluding contamination with either soil or air-borne microorganisms. The isolates represented both Prokarya and Eukarya (fungi). All were able to grow on standard media, although some microorganisms were unstable and became extinct during storage of coal samples. Bacteria belonged to the genera Bacillus, Staphylococcus, and Rhodococcus, according to both morphological… CONTINUE READING