Characterization of mapacalcine-sensitive Ca(2+) channels in rat kidney.

  title={Characterization of mapacalcine-sensitive Ca(2+) channels in rat kidney.},
  author={Christiane Mourre and B{\'e}atrice L'azou and Jean Cambar and Ghislaine Neuilly and Michel Georges Hugues},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={308 3},
Mapacalcine receptors have been found to be associated with a Ca(2+) permeability insensitive to all known calcium blockers. Recently, high densities of mapacalcine receptors have been detected in the choroid plexus of rat brain. To determine a possible role for these channels, we have investigated their presence on other structures which, like choroid plexus, are involved in the secretion of biological fluids. Our data demonstrate that there are specific mapacalcine receptors on kidney… CONTINUE READING

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