Characterization of insect neuronal octopamine receptors (OA3 receptors)

  title={Characterization of insect neuronal octopamine receptors (OA3 receptors)},
  author={Thomas Roeder and J. A. Nathanson},
  journal={Neurochemical Research},
Octopamine receptors in the nervous tissue of insects were investigated using a ligand-receptor assay with [3H]NC-5Z or [3H]octopamine as the radioligands. Both ligands recognized a homogenous class of binding sites with the properties of an octopamine receptor. This receptor has been characterized pharmacologically. Both high-affinity agonists (e.g. NC 7, K1=0.3 nM) and antagonists (e.g. maroxepine, K1=1.02 nM) were investigated. The neuronal octopamine receptor belongs to a receptor class… CONTINUE READING

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