Characterization of inhibitors and substrates of Anopheles gambiae CYP6Z2.

  title={Characterization of inhibitors and substrates of Anopheles gambiae CYP6Z2.},
  author={Lesley A McLaughlin and Umar Khan Niazi and Jaclyn Bibby and J. David and John Vontas and Janet Hemingway and Hilary Ranson and Michael J. Sutcliffe and Mark J. I. Paine},
  journal={Insect molecular biology},
  volume={17 2},
Three CYP6Z genes are linked to a major pyrethroid resistance locus in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae. We have expressed CYP6Z2 in Escherichia coli and produced a structural model in order to examine its role in detoxification. E. coli membranes co-expressing CYP6Z2 and An. gambiae P450 reductase (AgCPR) catalysed the dealkylation of benzyloxyresorufin with kinetic parameters K(m) = 0.13 microM; K(cat) = 1.5 min(-1). The IC(50) values of a wide range of compounds were measured. Pyrethroids… CONTINUE READING
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