Characterization of immunoreactive octapeptides of human-cytomegalovirus gp58.

  title={Characterization of immunoreactive octapeptides of human-cytomegalovirus gp58.},
  author={Andrea Bonci and Luisa Bracci and Cinzia Caudai and Luisa Lozzi and Donatella Moschettini and Neri Niccolai and Maria Scarselli and Pier Egisto Valensin and Paolo Neri},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={215 2},
We have mapped continuous epitopes, for positions 591-673 of the human cytomegalovirus 58-kDa glycoprotein using overlapping synthetic peptides and human sera. This region contains a fragment previously described as including the dominant site for induction of human-cytomegalovirus antibodies. Since the selected sequence is highly conserved among herpes… CONTINUE READING