Characterization of human tear proteome using multiple proteomic analysis techniques.

  title={Characterization of human tear proteome using multiple proteomic analysis techniques.},
  author={Nan Li and Nan Wang and Jing Fang Zheng and X Michael Liu and O William Lever and Paul M Erickson and Liang Li},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={4 6},
Tear proteome profiling may generate useful information for the understanding of the interaction between an eye and its contacting objects, such as a contact lens or a lens implant. This is important for designing improved eye-care devices and maintaining the health of an eye. Proteome profiles of tear fluids may also be used for disease diagnosis and prognosis. However, only a small volume of tear fluid (<5 microL) can be collected in a clinical laboratory under normal operational conditions… CONTINUE READING


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