Characterization of human GRK7 as a potential cone opsin kinase.

  title={Characterization of human GRK7 as a potential cone opsin kinase.},
  author={Clement Kuen-Huang Chen and Kang Zhang and Jill Church-Kopish and Wei Huang and Heping Zhang and Y. J. Chen and Jeanne M. Frederick and Wolfgang Baehr},
  journal={Molecular vision},
PURPOSE Homozygous inactivation of the mouse gene for GRK1 (G protein-coupled receptor kinase 1, or rhodopsin kinase) causes severe defects in the recovery of cone phototransduction. However, electroretinographic (ERG) analyses of human oguchi patients with defective GRK1 alleles showed normal or slightly abnormal photopic responses. It remains unclear why the loss of GRK1 yields such different phenotypes in the recovery of mouse and human cones. We examined the localization and enzyme activity… CONTINUE READING