Characterization of homocysteine γ-lyase from submerged and solid cultures of Aspergillus fumigatus ASH (JX006238).

  title={Characterization of homocysteine $\gamma$-lyase from submerged and solid cultures of Aspergillus fumigatus ASH (JX006238).},
  author={Ashraf S. A. El-Sayed and Salwa A. Khalaf and H. G. Abdel Aziz},
  journal={Journal of microbiology and biotechnology},
  volume={23 4},
Among 25 isolates, Aspergillus fumigatus ASH (JX006238) was identified as a potent producer of homocysteine gamma- lyase. The nutritional requirements to maximize the enzyme yield were optimized under submerged (SF) and solid-state fermentation (SSF) conditions, resulting in a 5.2- and 2.3-fold increase, respectively, after the last purification step. The enzyme exhibited a single homogenous band of 50 kDa on SDS-PAGE, along with an optimum pH of 7.8 and pH stability range of 6.5 to 7.8. It… 

Purification and Characterization of Thermostable Cytosine Deaminase from Aspergillus fumigatus

Preliminary results suggest that Aspergillus fumigatus CDA could be a scaffold for further in vivo studies on cancer prodrug-mediated therapies, or gene therapy applications.

Biochemical and Pharmacokinetic Properties of PEGylated Cystathionine γ-Lyase from Aspergillus carneus KF723837

CGL will be a promising enzyme against various cardiovascular diseases and antioxidant deficiency, as well as for generation of a neurotransmitter (H2S) in fungi, with higher affinity for L-cystathionine.

Purification and immobilization of l-arginase from thermotolerant Penicillium chrysogenum KJ185377.1; with unique kinetic properties as thermostable anticancer enzyme

Characterization of l-arginase from thermotolerant Penicillium chrysogenum was the objective of this study, finding that the higher antigenicity and lower thermal stability of this enzyme was the main biochemical hurdles.

Screening, morphological and molecular characterization of fungi producing cystathionine γ-lyase.

The potency for production of cystathionine γ-lyase (CGL) by the fungal isolates was screened and the intracellular thiols and GDH activity of A. carneus was strongly increased by S starvation, revealing the activation of in vivo metabolic antioxidant systems.

Aspergillus Niger thermostable Cytosine deaminase-dextran conjugates with enhanced structure stability, proteolytic resistance, and Antiproliferative activity

CDA-Dextran conjugates displayed a dramatic structural and thermal stability than the free enzyme, authenticating the acquired structural and catalytic stability upon dextran conjuga, as revealed from the half-life time.

Purification, immobilization, and biochemical characterization of l‐arginine deiminase from thermophilic Aspergillus fumigatus KJ434941: Anticancer activity in vitro

The present findings explored a novel thermostable, less antigenic ADI from thermophilic A. fumigatus, with further molecular and crystallographic analyses, this enzyme will be a powerful candidate for clinical trials.

Bioprocesses optimization and anticancer activity of camptothecin from Aspergillus flavus, an endophyte of in vitro cultured Astragalus fruticosus

This is the first study deciphering the feasibility of A. flavus for sustainable production of camptothecin upon addition to A. fruticosus extracts, that could be a new platform for campthecin scaling-up.

Purification and Biochemical Characterization of Taxadiene Synthase from Bacillus koreensis and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

This is the first report exploring the autonomous robust expression TDS from B. koreensis and S. maltophilia with a higher affinity to cyclize GGPP into taxadiene, which could be a novel platform for taxadienes production as intermediary metabolites of Taxol biosynthesis.



Purification and Characterization ofl-Methionine γ-Lyase from Brevibacterium linens BL2

The pure enzyme had catalytic properties similar to those of l-methionine γ-lyase fromPseudomonas putida, and was active under salt and pH conditions found in ripening Cheddar cheese but susceptible to degradation by intracellular proteases.

Purification and characterization of a new L-methioninase from solid cultures of Aspergillus flavipes

  • A. El-Sayed
  • Biology, Chemistry
    The Journal of Microbiology
  • 2011
The purified L-methioninase from solid cultures of A. flavipes displayed unique biochemical and catalytic properties over the currently applied Pseudomonad enzyme.

Purification and characterization of methionine gamma-lyase from Trichomonas vaginalis.

Methionine gamma-lyase was purified to homogeneity from the anaerobic protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis by a series of f.p.l.c. procedures and it is suggested that methionine catabolism may be of particular importance to the survival of T. vaginalis under microaerophilic conditions in its host.

Purification and characterization of methioninase from Pseudomonas putida.

The reported purified enzyme was purified to homogeneity, as judged by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, with a specific activity 270-fold higher than that of the crude extract, and should be designated as L-methionine methanethiollyase (deaminating).

Dissimilation of Methionine by a Demethiolase of Aspergillus Species

It was concluded that deamination and demethiolation of methionine were effected by the same enzyme that was sensitive to some carbonyl and sulfhydryl reagents and was relatively insensitive to heavy metals.

l-Methioninase Production by Filamentous Fungi: I-Screening and Optimization Under Submerged Conditions

Findings show 21 fungal isolates belonging to eight genera recovered from Egyptian soils that have the potential to attack l-methionine under submerged conditions and Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, the best source of phosphorus, favors enzyme biosynthesis and enhances the level of methionine uptake by A. flavipes.

Properties of L-methionine gamma-lyase from Pseudomonas ovalis.

The distribution of bacterial L-Methionine gamma-lyase was investigated, and Pseudomonas ovalis was found to have the highest activity of enzyme, which was inducibly formed by addition of L-methionines to the medium.

High Expression, Purification, and Properties of Recombinant Homocysteine α,γ-Lyase

The properties of high recombinant expression in E. coli, a simple and effective high-yield puriAEcation procedure and high relative speciAEcity for homocysteine with respect to cysteine, make rHCYase a promising candidate to use for the diagnosis of hyperhomocystenemia.

High-level expression and bulk crystallization of recombinant l-methionine γ-lyase, an anticancer agent

l-Methionine γ-lyase is a pyridoxal 5′-phosphate-dependent enzyme which has tumor selective anticancer activity and an efficient production process was constructed by using the overexpression plasmid in Escherichia coli, large-scale cultivation, and practical crystallization on an industrial scale.