Characterization of groundwater contamination using factor analysis

  title={Characterization of groundwater contamination using factor analysis},
  author={Chillara Subbarao and N. Subbarao and Suresh Chandu},
  journal={Environmental Geology},
Abstract The effluent contamination of groundwater at two industrial sites at Visakhapatnam, India, was studied using factor analysis. Thirty groundwater samples near a zinc smelter plant and 19 from the polymers plant were analyzed for specific conductance, chloride, bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. The data were subjected to R-mode factor analysis and the factor scores transferred to areal maps. While magnesium and sulfate are the dominant contaminants at the… 
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Investigation of hydrogeochemical factors and groundwater quality assessment in Marand Municipality, northwest of Iran: A multivariate statistical approach
Factor such as groundwater flow paths, water level increase and human influences made this part of the region sustainable, in this case human influences can include anthropogenic inputs such as urban wastewater and agricultural activities.
Multivariate analysis of groundwater quality in parts of Lagos - Nigeria
The quality of twenty-six groundwater sources in Lagos state was evaluated. Data on physico-chemical parameters (Hydrogen ion, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolve Solids, Calcium, Chloride, Total
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One of the highly polluted areas in India located at Ranipet occupies around 200 tanneries and other small scale chemical industries. Partially treated industrial effluents combined with sewage and


Factor analysis for revealing hydrochemical characteristics of a watershed
R mode factor analysis was carried out on 48 groundwater samples collected from the Chitravati river basin, a typical drought-prone area of Andhra Pradesh, India. The samples were chemically analyzed
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