Characterization of gap junctions between cultured leptomeningeal cells

  title={Characterization of gap junctions between cultured leptomeningeal cells},
  author={David Conover Spray and Alonso P. Moreno and John A Kessler and Rolf Dermietzel},
  journal={Brain Research},
Leptomeningeal cells in intact meninges or dissociated and cultured for 2 h to several weeks were dye-coupled (Lucifer yellow), and voltage-clamped pairs of freshly dissociated leptomeningeal cells were well coupled electrically. Unitary conductances of junctional channels were predominantly 40-90 pS. Junctional conductance was reversibly reduced by 2 mM halothane, 1 mM heptanol and 100% CO2 and was increased by 1 mM 8 Br-cAMP. Two gap junction proteins, connexin 26 and connexin 43, were… CONTINUE READING


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