Characterization of fibrodysplasia in the dog following inhibition of metalloproteinases.

  title={Characterization of fibrodysplasia in the dog following inhibition of metalloproteinases.},
  author={Russell Westwood and R. C. Scott and Rebecca L Somers and Michelle Coulson and Rose A Maciewicz},
  journal={Toxicologic pathology},
  volume={37 7},
Musculoskeletal side effects are a widely reported consequence of administration of particular matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors (MMPi) in clinical trials. We describe here histopathological findings during dog studies with a fairly selective MMPi AZM551248, that are consistent with these human clinical changes. They were characterized by a dose-and time-dependent formative connective tissue alteration we have termed "fibrodysplasia." The most sensitive site was the subcuticular connective… CONTINUE READING


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