Characterization of epiretinal membranes using optical coherence tomography.

  title={Characterization of epiretinal membranes using optical coherence tomography.},
  author={James R Wilkins and Carmen A. Puliafito and Michael Richard Hee and Jay S. Duker and Elias Reichel and Joshua Coker and Joel S Schuman and Eric A. Swanson and James G. Fujimoto},
  volume={103 12},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate optical coherence tomography (OCT), a novel noncontact and noninvasive imaging technique, for the diagnosis and quantitative characterization of epiretinal membranes. METHODS Optical coherence tomography is similar to an ultrasound B-scan, except that light rather than sound is used, which enables higher resolution. Over a 2-year period, OCT was used to examine 186 eyes of 160 patients who had a diagnosis of an epiretinal membrane. Optical coherence tomograms were… CONTINUE READING