Characterization of dynamics of perdeuterated proteins by MAS solid-state NMR.

  title={Characterization of dynamics of perdeuterated proteins by MAS solid-state NMR.},
  author={Maggy Hologne and Katja Faelber and Anne Diehl and Bernd Reif},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={127 32},
We show in this communication that dynamic information for uniformly 2H,13C,15N isotopically enriched, crystalline proteins can be obtained by MAS solid-state NMR spectroscopy. The experiments make use of the deuterium quadrupolar tensor, which is the dominant interaction mechanism. Dynamic properties are accessed by measurement of the size of the quadrupolar coupling constant, Cq, and the value of the asymmetry parameter, eta, via evolution of the deuterium chemical shift, as well as by… CONTINUE READING

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