Characterization of dnaC2 and dnaC28 mutants by flow cytometry.

  title={Characterization of dnaC2 and dnaC28 mutants by flow cytometry.},
  author={H L Withers and Rolf Bernander},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={180 7},
Escherichia coli strains containing thermosensitive dnaC alleles were studied by flow cytometry. Strains containing either the dnaC2 or dnaC28 allele were shifted between different temperatures, and DNA content distributions were gathered. Inhibition of initiation of chromosome replication at nonpermissive temperature, as well as reinitiation of replication at permissive temperature, were found to be affected by a number of parameters. These included the choice of permissive and nonpermissive… CONTINUE READING