Characterization of disease-specific brain fluorophores in ceroid-lipofuscinosis.

  title={Characterization of disease-specific brain fluorophores in ceroid-lipofuscinosis.},
  author={Martin L. Katz and Graig E. Eldred and Aristotle N. Siakotos and Nils Koppang},
  journal={American journal of medical genetics. Supplement},
By isolating and identifying the molecular components of the storage material in the ceroid-lipofuscinoses, it should be possible to elucidate the metabolic basis for these diseases. Using brains of English setter dogs afflicted with a form of this disorder, the autofluorescent storage granules have been isolated and subjected to extraction with chloroform-methanol. A significant amount of autofluorescent material was solubilized by this procedure. Spectral analysis of the extracts indicated… CONTINUE READING
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