Characterization of cytochrome P450 2E1 activity by the [14C]nitrosodimethylamine breath test.

  title={Characterization of cytochrome P450 2E1 activity by the [14C]nitrosodimethylamine breath test.},
  author={M. Bastien and J. Villeneuve},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={76 7-8},
The objective of this study was to measure the rate of demethylation of nitrosodimethylamine in vivo in the rat and determine its value to assess CYP2E1 activity in intact animals. Nitrosodimethylamine labeled with 14C on both methyl groups was administered to rats and exhaled 14CO2 was collected during 2-3 h. The nitrosodimethylamine breath test was increased by inducers of CYP2E1, such as ethanol (+139%) and 4-methylpyrazole (+115%), and decreased by the inhibitor diallyl sulfide (-53%). In… Expand
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