Characterization of coloured compounds obtained by enzymatic extraction of bakery products.

  title={Characterization of coloured compounds obtained by enzymatic extraction of bakery products.},
  author={Rosa Cinzia Borrelli and Carmela Mennella and Fructuoso Barba and Mark W. Russo and Gian Luigi Russo and Katharina Krome and Helmut F. Erbersdobler and Veronika Faist and Vincenzo Fogliano},
  journal={Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association},
  volume={41 10},
Melanoidins, the brown-colored polymers formed through Maillard type reaction in several heat-treated foods, represent a significant part of our diet, with an average intake of grams per day. Most of the studies on the physiological effects of these compounds have been performed using the water soluble melanoidin fractions. But dietary melanoidins formed on the surface of bakery products are poorly soluble in water as well as in organic solvents. In this work, an enzymatic solubilization… CONTINUE READING

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