Characterization of cellulosic fibers and fabrics by sorption/desorption.

  title={Characterization of cellulosic fibers and fabrics by sorption/desorption.},
  author={Barbora {\vS}irok{\'a} and Michael Noisternig and Ulrich J Griesser and Thomas P. Bechtold},
  journal={Carbohydrate research},
  volume={343 12},
Three cellulosic substrates: lyocell (CLY), viscose (CV), and modal (CMD) in the form of fibers and fabrics were subjected to wet/dry or wash/dry treatments. The accessibility of untreated and treated substrates to water and iodine was investigated using dynamic water-vapor sorption, moisture retention, and iodine sorption methods, to study the influence of treatments on sorption-desorption hysteresis, fraction of moisture sorbed as a monomolecular layer, water retention, and iodine sorption… CONTINUE READING

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