Characterization of beryl (aquamarine variety) by Mössbauer spectroscopy

  title={Characterization of beryl (aquamarine variety) by M{\"o}ssbauer spectroscopy},
  author={R. R. Viana and G. M. da Costa and E. De Grave and H. Jordt-Evangelista and W. B. Stern},
  journal={Physics and Chemistry of Minerals},
Abstract The Mössbauer spectra of several blue beryls have been obtained in the temperature range of 4.2–500 K. A common feature observed in all room-temperature spectra is the presence of an asymmetric Fe2+ doublet (ΔEQ ∼ 2.7 mm s−1, δ ∼ 1.1 mm s−1), with a very broad low-velocity peak. This asymmetry seems to be related to a relaxation process involving ferrous ions and water molecules in the structural channels, as suggested by Price et al. (1976). Surprisingly, the spectrum at 500 K also… Expand
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