Characterization of auditory afferents in the tiger beetle, Cicindela marutha Dow

  title={Characterization of auditory afferents in the tiger beetle, Cicindela marutha Dow},
  author={David D. Yager and Hayward G. Spangler},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology A},
We have identified a nerve carrying auditory afferents and characterized their physiological responses in the tiger beetle, Cicindela marutha. 1. The tympana are located at the lateral margins of the first abdominal tergum. The nerve carrying the tympanal afferents is a branch of the dorsal root from the first abdominal ganglion. 2. Both male and female auditory afferent responses are sharply tuned to 30 kHz with sensitivities of 50–55 dB SPL. 3. The auditory afferents show little adaptation… CONTINUE READING
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