Characterization of angiotensin peptides in plasma of anephric man.

  title={Characterization of angiotensin peptides in plasma of anephric man.},
  author={Duncan J Campbell and Athena Kladis and Sandford L. Skinner and Judith Ann Whitworth},
  journal={Journal of hypertension},
  volume={9 3},
Recent evidence suggests that a considerable proportion of plasma angiotensin is generated not in blood but in peripheral tissues. Through the measurement of angiotensin peptides and renin in the plasma of 11 anephric subjects, we have investigated whether kidney-derived renin, or some other tissue mechanism for angiotensin generation, is the major determinant of plasma angiotensin. Particular care was taken to prevent inadvertent activation of inactive renin and possible generation, conversion… CONTINUE READING

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