Characterization of an exopolygalacturonase from Aspergillus niger.

  title={Characterization of an exopolygalacturonase from Aspergillus niger.},
  author={Afaf S Fahmy and Fawkia M. El-beih and S A Mohamed and Somia S Abdel-Gany and Engy A Abd-Elbaky},
  journal={Applied biochemistry and biotechnology},
  volume={149 3},
Polygalacturonase (PGI) from Aspergillus niger NRRL3 was purified about 12.0-fold from the cell-free broth using diethylaminoethyl-Sepharose and Sephacryl S-200 columns. The molecular weight of the PGI was 32,000 Da as estimated by gel filtration and sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. PGI had an isoelectric point of 7.6 and an optimum pH of 5.0. PGI was active on polygalacturonic acid and esterified pectins, but the activity on pectin decreased with an increase in degree… CONTINUE READING