Characterization of an architecture for front-end pixel binning in an integrating pixel array detector

  title={Characterization of an architecture for front-end pixel binning in an integrating pixel array detector},
  author={Dhanashree Gadkari and Katherine Shanks and Hugh T. Philipp and Mark Tate and Julia Thom-Levy and Sol M. Gruner},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
Optimization of an area detector involves compromises between various parameters like frame rate, read noise, dynamic range and pixel size. We have implemented and tested a novel front-end binning design in a photon-integrating hybrid pixel array detector using the MM-PAD-2.0 pixel architecture. In this architecture, the pixels can be optionally binned in a 2$\times$2 pixel configuration using a network of switches to selectively direct the output of 4 sensor pixels to a single amplifier input… Expand

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