Characterization of a repetitive DNA element in a brown algal virus.

  title={Characterization of a repetitive DNA element in a brown algal virus.},
  author={Adonia M Lee and Richard G Ivey and Eric C. Henry and Russel H. Meints},
  volume={212 2},
We describe a family of repetitive sequences found in viruses infecting the brown alga Feldmannia sp. Previously we have demonstrated that the dsDNA genomes of viruses infecting one Feldmannia sp. isolate exist as two size classes of 160 and 179 kb. Repetitive sequences within these genomes were first demonstrated based on the anomalous hybridization among five BamHI fragments from digested virus DNA. Sequence analysis of one of those fragments, B2.4, revealed the presence of 173-bp direct… CONTINUE READING