Characterization of a new natural fiber from Arundo donax L. as potential reinforcement of polymer composites.

  title={Characterization of a new natural fiber from Arundo donax L. as potential reinforcement of polymer composites.},
  author={Vincenzo Fiore and Tommaso Scalici and Antonino Valenza},
  journal={Carbohydrate polymers},
The aim of this paper is to study the possibility of using of Arundo donax L. fibers as reinforcement in polymer composites. The fibers are extracted from the outer part of the stem of the plant, which widely grows in Mediterranean area and is diffused all around the world. To use these lignocellulosic fibers as reinforcement in polymer composites, it is necessary to investigate their microstructure, chemical composition and mechanical properties. Therefore, the morphology of A. donax L. fibers… CONTINUE READING

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