Characterization of a mechanism to inhibit ovarian follicle activation.


OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that a small molecule can induce the transcription factor Foxo3 in the ovary and lead to inhibition of follicle activation. DESIGN Cell culture, organ culture, and animal studies. SETTING University-based laboratory. ANIMAL(S) 23 female C57BL/6 mice. INTERVENTION(S) Human ovary cells and mouse ovaries in culture treated with… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2014.01.025


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@article{Barilovits2014CharacterizationOA, title={Characterization of a mechanism to inhibit ovarian follicle activation.}, author={Sarah J. Barilovits and Kimberly J. Newsom and Justin S Bickford and Dawn E Beachy and Alice S. Rhoton-Vlasak and Harry S. Nick}, journal={Fertility and sterility}, year={2014}, volume={101 5}, pages={1450-7} }