Characterization of a human perinatal myosin heavy-chain transcript.

  title={Characterization of a human perinatal myosin heavy-chain transcript.},
  author={Eric H. Jullian and Alan M. Kelly and A J Pompidou and Rebecca Hoffman and Stefano Schiaffino and Hansell Hall Stedman and Neal A. Rubinstein},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={230 3},
Using a monoclonal antibody specific to the neonatal myosin heavy chain, we have cloned the full-length heavy chain cDNA from an 18-week human fetal cDNA library. Ribonuclease protection assays were used to survey a human muscle collection ranging from 11 weeks gestation to 16 years. Expression of the RNA encoded by this cDNA was observed at 20 and 21 weeks gestation and at 2 days after birth. No expression was observed at 13.5 weeks, before 2 years, at 2 years, or after 2 years gestation. Due… CONTINUE READING

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