Characterization of a fluorescent substance P analog.

  title={Characterization of a fluorescent substance P analog.},
  author={Michael R Tota and Samira Daniel and A Sirotina and Katherine E Mazina and Tung Ming Fong and Jenny Longmore and Catherine D. Strader},
  volume={33 44},
We describe the development and characterization of substance P labeled at Lys3 with fluorescein ([fluorescein Lys3]SP) as a fluorescent probe for the neurokinin 1 (NK1) receptor. [fluorescein Lys3]SP is an agonist at the human NK1 receptor, with an affinity for both the high-affinity and low-affinity binding states of the receptor approximately 6-fold lower than that of substance P. Binding of the probe to the human NK1 receptor expressed in Sf9 insect cells was observed directly by monitoring… CONTINUE READING

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