Characterization of a filovirus (Měnglà virus) from Rousettus bats in China

  title={Characterization of a filovirus (Měngl{\`a} virus) from Rousettus bats in China},
  author={X. Y{\'a}ng and C. W. Tan and Danielle E. Anderson and Rendi Jiang and B. Li and W. Zhang and Y. Zhu and Xiao Fang Lim and P. Zhou and Xiang-ling Liu and Wuxiang Guan and L. Zhang and S. Li and Y. Zhang and L. Wang and Z. Sh{\'i}},
  journal={Nature Microbiology},
  • X. Yáng, C. W. Tan, +13 authors Z. Shí
  • Published 2019
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Microbiology
  • Filoviruses, especially Ebola virus (EBOV) and Marburg virus (MARV), are notoriously pathogenic and capable of causing severe haemorrhagic fever diseases in humans with high lethality1,2. The risk of future outbreaks is exacerbated by the discovery of other bat-borne filoviruses of wide genetic diversity globally3–5. Here we report the characterization of a phylogenetically distinct bat filovirus, named Měnglà virus (MLAV). The coding-complete genome of MLAV shares 32–54% nucleotide sequence… CONTINUE READING
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