Characterization of a Multilevel HV-IGBT Module for Distribution Applications

  title={Characterization of a Multilevel HV-IGBT Module for Distribution Applications},
  author={Jih-Sheng Jason Lai and A. Hefner and Ayan Maitra and F O Goodman},
  journal={Conference Record of the 2006 IEEE Industry Applications Conference Forty-First IAS Annual Meeting},
A newly proposed 3-level high-voltage insulated-gate-bipolar-transistor (HV-IGBT) module has been developed and tested under static conduction, dynamic switching, and system level pulse-width-modulation (PWM) operation. The conduction voltage drops and switching turn-on and -off energies were measured for loss estimation. Switching voltage and current waveforms were used for parasitic inductance and output capacitance estimation. With sufficiently low parasitic inductance and fast switching… CONTINUE READING