Characterization of a Deep-Sea Sediment Metagenomic Clone that Produces Water-Soluble Melanin in Escherichia coli

  title={Characterization of a Deep-Sea Sediment Metagenomic Clone that Produces Water-Soluble Melanin in Escherichia coli},
  author={Yali Huang and X.-T. Lai and Xiaocui He and L. Cao and Z. Zeng and Jiong Zhang and Shining Zhou},
  journal={Marine Biotechnology},
To access to the microbial genetic resources of deep-sea sediment by a culture-independent approach, the sediment DNA was extracted and cloned into fosmid vector (pCC1FOS) generating a library of 39,600 clones with inserts of 24–45 kb. The clone fss6 producing red-brown pigment was isolated and characterized. The pigment was identified as melanin according to its physico-chemical characteristics. Subcloning and sequences analyses of fss6 demonstrated that one open reading frame (ORF2) was… Expand
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  • S. Hou, Jimmy H. Saw, +19 authors M. Alam
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 2004
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