Characterization of a 29-kDa beta-1,3-glucanase from Trichoderma harzianum.

  title={Characterization of a 29-kDa beta-1,3-glucanase from Trichoderma harzianum.},
  author={Eliane Ferreira Noronha and Cirano Jos{\'e} Ulhoa},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={183 1},
A beta-1,3-glucanase, from culture filtrates of Trichoderma harzianum, was purified in sequential steps by gel filtration, hydrophobic interaction and ion exchange chromatography. A typical procedure provided 69-fold purification with 0.32% yield. The molecular mass of the protein was found to be approximately 29 kDa, as estimated by SDS-PAGE on a 10% slab gel. The K(M) and V(max) values for beta-1,3-glucanase, using laminarin as substrate, were 1. 72 mg ml(-1) and 3.10 U ml(-1), respectively… CONTINUE READING

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