Characterization of Tungsten Sputtering in the JET divertor

  title={Characterization of Tungsten Sputtering in the JET divertor},
  author={Gijs van Rooij and J. W. Coenen and Leena Aho-Mantila and M. N. A. Beurskens and Sebastijan Brezinsek and Michaela Clever and R. and Dux and Carine Giroud and Malgorzata Groth and Kenneth Krieger and Stefan Marsen and Guy F. Matthews and G. Maddison and A.. and Meigs and R. Neu and T. Puetterich and A. C. C. Sips and Malcolm Stamp and W. A. J. Vijvers and P. de Vries},
Tungsten erosion in the outer divertor of the JET ITER like wall was quantified by spectroscopy. Effective sputtering yields of ~10 were measured in L-mode at ~30 eV low recycling divertor conditions and Be was identified as the main species causing the sputtering. The signature of prompt redeposition was observed in the analysis of WI 400.9 nm and WII 364 nm line ratios indicating >50% redeposition fraction. Interand intra-ELM sputtering were compared for an example of 10 Hz ELMs with 13 MW… CONTINUE READING

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