Characterization of Transgenic Rice Plants Expressing an Arabidopsis FAD7

  title={Characterization of Transgenic Rice Plants Expressing an Arabidopsis FAD7},
  author={J. Song and Da Eun Lee and Sunyo Jung and Ho-Youn Kim and Oksoo Han and Byeong Hoon Cho and In Jung Lee and Kyoungwhan Back},
  journal={Biologia Plantarum},
Fatty acid ω-3 desaturase (FAD) is the key enzyme catalyzing the formation of trienoic fatty acids. We utilized an Arabidopsis FAD7 gene and the seven independent transgenic rice plants harbouring 1 to 3 copies of this gene were generated. The expression of FAD7 mRNA was different among independent transgenic lines regardless of the copy number. The total… CONTINUE READING

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