Characterization of Three-Electrode Spark Gap Used in Mogul-D


Summary form only given. This study focuses on the characterization of a spark gap closing switch used by AWE in their Mogul-D and other pulsed power facilities at Aldermaston. The switch is a dc-charged, three-electrode spark gap. The effect of the polarity and magnitude of the charging voltage is investigated. Aspects of switching performance have also… (More)


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@article{Wilson2007CharacterizationOT, title={Characterization of Three-Electrode Spark Gap Used in Mogul-D}, author={M. P. Wilson and S T Macgregor and I. V. Timoshkin and K. J. Thomas and M. A. Sinclair}, journal={2007 IEEE 34th International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS)}, year={2007}, pages={359-359} }