Characterization of TIMP-3 in human articular talar cartilage.

  title={Characterization of TIMP-3 in human articular talar cartilage.},
  author={Kirsten J. Morris and Gabriella Cs-Szab{\'o} and Ada Asbury Cole},
  journal={Connective tissue research},
  volume={51 6},
Tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase 3 (TIMP-3) is an inhibitor of matrix degradation; however, little else is known about the role(s) of this protein in articular cartilage. In this study we compared levels of TIMP-3 in human knee and ankle cartilages and in normal and degraded cartilages. In addition, our studies focused on the compartmentalization of TIMP-3 in human adult articular cartilage matrix, identification of its potential binding partners, and determining the effects of… CONTINUE READING
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