Characterization of Sr2RuO4 Josephson junctions made of epitaxial films

  title={Characterization of 
 Josephson junctions made of epitaxial films},
  author={Masaki Uchida and Ikkei Sakuraba and Minoru Kawamura and Motoharu Ide and Kei S. Takahashi and Yoshinori Tokura and Masashi Kawasaki},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We have studied fundamental properties of weak-link Sr2RuO4/Sr2RuO4 Josephson junctions fabricated by making a narrow constriction on superconducting Sr2RuO4 films through laser micro-patterning. The junctions show a typical overdamped behavior with much higher critical current density, compared with those previously reported for bulk Sr2RuO4/s-wave superconductor junctions. Observed magnetic field and temperature dependences of the Josephson critical current suggest that the chiral p-wave is… 

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